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February 16 2014


December 25 2013

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Colorful Stairs, Tehran, Iran

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December 24 2013

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December 12 2013

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December 09 2013

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I won’t rest until I own this..

but will you travel across the land, searching far and wide?


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November 25 2013

November 22 2013


What are Circuit Stickers?

Circuit Stickers are electronic stickers that you can use to build glowing, sensing, and interactive projects without any complicated equipment or programming skills.

Building circuits with them is fun and easy -- just stick them onto a surface like you would with a normal sticker, and build up a circuit by sticking several stickers together. They’re an approachable way to craft with electronics, whether you’re just starting out with circuits or creating complex interactive artworks.

Robot card: blushes when you press on its heart, with "Thank You!" spelled using circuitry

We have also been working with educators to create the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook, a guidebook that will walk you through making basic LED circuits, DIY paper switches and a pressure sensor. You can complete the circuits right on the pages of the book to create an interactive sketchbook of circuits!

Create circuits right inside the Circuit Sketchbook

We’ve created a starter kit that contains everything you need to use Circuit Stickers: LED stickers, batteries, various conductive materials. You can also order more advanced stickers and additional LED stickers and sketchbooks.

The Circuit Stickers Starter Kit has everything you need to start building your own circuits.

Meet the Circuit Stickers!

LED Stickers are simple LED lights available in white, red, yellow and blue. These come with every starter kit!

Effects Stickers generate an effect to control your LEDs (or other output!). Current effects are blink, fade, twinkle, and heartbeat.

Sensors Stickers include a light sensor, a microphone sensor for detecting sound, and a trigger circuit that turns on your circuit for five seconds at a time.

Touch sensor/Microcontroller Sticker comes set up to work as a touch sensor, but advanced users can program the onboard ATTiny85 microcontroller to do anything they want.

Circuit Stickers | Crowd Supply
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November 06 2013

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November 01 2013

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October 30 2013

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October 27 2013

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October 17 2013

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September 22 2013

Just because I know some of us could use an easy breakfast some days. :D
(Click the source link.)
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September 15 2013

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August 30 2013

July 15 2013

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